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Keep track of how much your friends owe you.

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What can do for you?

You and your spouse can use to simplify your daily life if you share a home but not economy. If you paid the bill for the rent, simply add that cost into and select that both of you should share it. Your partner might add costs that you should pay half of as well, like that last grocery shopping during the weekend. will keep track of how much you both owe each other. Forget the hassle, have us do the calculations and remove this issue from your relationship.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

When a group of friends share something in a regular manner it usually ends up with a minor chaos. Nobody really knows what anybody owes anyone. Stop this madness and let us do the job for you. is an effective way to split costs among your friends.

Make life easier

You only have to select an amount to split and which of your friends to share it with. We will happily do all the calculations in the background to keep track of what you all owe each other.

Everyone is doing it already

There is already a crowd of people that gladly will skip the boring job of fighting against the ever growing pile of receipts. New users are joining as we speak to use this phenomenal service that we frankly are pretty damn proud to provide.